Go Mad Music

Course Overview

The course is now available in 2 versions! A version for ADD/ADHD positive students and a version for typically developed students. It is accessible and ADAPTABLE to ALL AGES and to ANYONE who is interested in learning to play the DRUMS! For some background information about the history behind Go Mad Music and the ADHD relationship, have a look at Our Story.

Today Go Mad Drumming is not only a comprehensive and incredibly fun way for ANYONE and EVERYONE to learn the drums, but also has a bespoke, speciality course, designed for ALL AGES* with ADD or ADHD! The course acts as a facilitator to help manage attentiveness, focus, and hyperactivity by concentrating the extra energy towards the drums! This, along with the unique lesson and practise structure, may aid in managing the disorder** in a fun and enjoyable way, all while learning music and an instrument.

OWNING a drum-kit is not essential to begin with! Don’t be alarmed if you think drum lessons will immediately = purchasing a drum-kit! Our tutors are all trained to teach each student how to start for the time being without a full set at home. 

Drum lessons can be conducted in the privacy of your own home as our tutors are all willing to drive out to many areas in Sydney. Enquire about lessons in your area today!

Private home lessons can be conducted without a drum-kit! The lessons in the Go Mad Drumming courses are all executable without a drum-kit – however a drum-kit will see much greater levels of progress [quicker too] (particularly with the ADD/ADHD versions).


But, for those who do not own a drum kit, there are a variety of options available!

·      Our tutor can provide a travel drum-kit for the lesson.

-       This drum-kit can be a regular styled acoustic full volume kit, or a silenced kit depending on the preference.


·      Sydney has many incredible, professionally equipped rehearsal studios which can be arranged for lessons, at an additional cost.

Below are some of the main topics/subjects covered within both versions of the course!



Every student will learn to read and write music from early on in the course. This is fundamental to ensuring the music is not only understood better, but to ensure a long lasting ability to always learn new pieces or exercises without the aid of a teacher.



Right from the get-go the student learns about proper technique when playing the drums, including equipment set-up and seating positions. This is a vital step that is best to be developed early on, to make certain no bad habits are formed.

Bad technique with almost any instrument can lead to some serious injuries and problems in the future.



A major aspect of becoming a well-rounded musician is having a good knowledge of various genres of music, and the many different styles that fall within each of those.


Learning who the masters in the field are, who paved the way, and who broke the mould is another fantastic way of learning. These extra bits of information help in making the instrument more engaging in a completely different way. Throughout the course the student will learn about well-known bands, albums and songs from a variety of genres… as well as learning about many not so well-known musicians behind a lot of the biggest songs and musical pieces to come out of the last century.

I consider every drummer that ever played before me an influence, in every way.
— buddy rich

The ADHD difference!

The thing that sets the ADHD lessons apart is the Go Madness of it all. Go Mad combined with the unique structure of the lessons and the manner in which the package is delivered by the tutor, has seen many positive results in many students across a variety of ages, with a varying degree of ADHD or ADD. These lessons still include the same information and knowledge mentioned above.

Another fundamental characteristic that may lead to greater levels of concentration and attentiveness overall, as well as a more confident approach to managing the disorder is that strict routine aspect & repetition of the course. The routine is out of our hands but if one diligently sticks to it, this again has shown many positive results in a number of students.

*children below the age of 5 will need to do a trial session to determine size and ability in terms of physical development before committing to the course.

**DISCLAIMER: there is no guarantee, as every person positively diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has varying degrees of inattentiveness and learns in different ways; further to this, practise and a strict schedule developing into a routine is essential and is out of the hands of Go Mad Music once the lesson is over.