Go Mad Music

Hi! My name is Lee.

Lee-Jaime is the founder and head tutor at Go Mad Music. Drumming since the age of 15 he has many years of experience with the instrument and over a decade’s worth of experience in the music industry – teaching drums as well as performing in a variety of groups and featuring on many recordings for bands and solo artists alike.

Lee most recently acquired a Masters’ Degree in Applied Psychology (MSc) through Middlesex University in the U.K., and has previously attained an Honours Degree in Contemporary Music Performance (BMus 2:1) through another U.K uni, Chichester University. Additionally he has also received a Higher Diploma in Sound Production through the Campus of Performing Arts in South Africa.

Beyond the music scope Lee has obtained a certificate in teaching English as a Foreign Language to non-native English speakers in Oman. This course, as well as the practical training that went along with it, has helped add to his teaching skills and form a unique approach and style of instruction that can be adapted to suit any type of students’ learning style.

Lee began teaching in South Africa in 2011 while completing his studies, and by 2013 was teaching and performing full-time professionally. In 2014 he was appointed the Head of Department for the drum division of Performance Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa; he remained in this capacity, teaching during the day and performing live in the evenings, until venturing off to the Middle East for a year, and then onward to U.K. for 2 years... all in the name of furthering his studies, abilities and experience.

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Have I gone mad?
- I’m afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.
— Lewis Carroll... Alice In Wonderland
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The Go Mad Way

…It has to do with Going Mad behind the drums, being Mad, and having a blast while doing it all!…

Lee founded Go Mad Drumming in 2013, starting out as a thesis for his Bachelor of Music degree, the thesis grew into a fully-fledged curriculum solely aimed at children and young adults struggling to manage their Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD - with or without the hyperactivity facet). Since its inception, Lee went on to study Applied Psychology in order to gain a greater understanding of such disorders in an effort to further advance his skills-set as a teacher, as well as to improve the class materials that were continually being developed over the years. This endeavour has not only enriched his knowledge on such disorders and how to teach students with them, but also has enhanced his skills as a teacher in general.

All the while as he furthered his understanding of the disorders and teaching skills, he continued to teach regular lessons steadily over the years; compiling the alternative Go Mad Drumming not aimed at ADD/ADHD, which is equally adaptable to any need/want or skill level and desired outcome from the student.

With each of these classes adding more and more information, knowledge and content to the Go Mad course material and the tutor, the course is now proudly available in 2 versions! A version for ADD/ADHD positive students and a version for typically developed students. It is accessible and ADAPTABLE to ALL AGES and to ANYONE who is interested in learning to play the DRUMS!

Future aspirations for Go Mad Music will be to include a variety of instruments and make each and every one adaptable to suit the needs of anyone diagnosed with ADD/ADHD… Further to this, Lee is looking into, and studying to, extend his knowledge of the DSM-5 disorders to be able to devise a course which is aimed at people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

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